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Smart And Efficient Living Room Design For A Small House

Living room design for a small house may be kind of a bit issue for many homeowners who have small houses. Because the living room is the central part of a house, so it deserves a wide and spacious space.

One of the most efficient ideas to overcome the space limitation in a living room design for a small house is by combining the living room with the dining room. Combining these two functions in one room will certainly help to maximize space. This step is mostly done, especially in a small house. So, what should we do to combine these two rooms?

1. Get rid of all the permanent partitions like walls between these two rooms. Essentially, there’s no such thing as narrowness in a small house, but sometimes we unconsciously make it there by still integrating walls as the main room partition. Of course, there’s no wrong about it, but in order to make your living room design for a small house feel more spacious, it would be better to choose portable partition like bulkhead or even cabinet. Therefore, you can still accommodate all the big family activity without having to feel so narrow in your own house.

2. The furniture arrangement also plays an important role to overcome the living room design for a small house issue. Make sure that you apply enough distance between the sofa area and the dining table. Although these two rooms are already combined, you still have to make sure that the each activity won’t be bothered by another activity in the same room.

3. The coloring is also important in order to make the living room design for a small house seem harmonious. It’s recommended that you apply a degradation color of the living room’s color in the dining room. For example, if your living room is white, then the color transition to the dining room is gray.

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