Small Luxury Homes Kitchen Design Tips

The kitchen might be the busiest room in a house. This room is always fully used everyday by all the members of the family. However, for those of you who have a small house, the kitchen might also be one of the smallest rooms, after the bathroom, because the space partition is prioritized for the living room and the bedrooms. Thus, the impression of spaciousness, even more luxurious won’t be felt once you’re in it.

Here are some tips to make your small kitchen look more spacious and luxurious, in order to make you feel at ease in the kitchen :

1. Decorate your kitchen by using a wide variety of fruits that you will eat. Put a fruit basket that has a distinctive and unique design, and arrange the fruits neatly. For example, arrange apples and bananas that have a visible contrasting color, which are yellow and red, so that it will make your kitchen area bright.

2. Make your kitchen appliances as the decorative elements. For example, you can set cooking appliances to any kind of soup spoons on the wall or on an empty area under the kitchen cabinets. To make it look neater and distinctive, the positioning of the kitchen appliances can be set by using the measurement. This method can simplify you to reach the kitchen appliances when you cook.

3. Select the unique containers of pepper, salt, soy sauce and other necessities for cooking. The unique design of the containers can be decorative elements in your kitchen.

4. Use a proper lighting in your kitchen, which is by using general lighting to enlighten the whole room, you can also mix with a lighting accent, which will make your kitchen look more attractive and spacious. For example, use a halogen lamp placed under the kitchen cabinet to illuminate the Tabletop corners.

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