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Small Luxurious Kitchen House Design Ideas

small luxurious house is not impossible to be realized. It just takes creativity and determination to help you bring the concept to life. Therefore, for those of you who have a small house, don’t worry because you can turn it into such a luxurious one. But now, we will firstly explore the busiest room in every house, the kitchen.

A small kitchen design may seem a very difficult challenge, but it can also be efficient, functional and beautiful. Even with a small budget and the space restrictions, you may find that there are many options open to you to transform your kitchen into something more ideal for your needs in a small luxurious house.

To make a small and luxurious kitchen design, you need to pay attention on three main aspects:

1. Storage
The storage is very important in the kitchen of a small luxurious house. The most basic storage space is the kitchen cabinet. The cabinet should be able to accommodate a variety of cookware, other kitchen tools, and even food stocks. For the additional storage, you can install wall/hanging cabinet above the kitchen set. Alternatively, you can also have an open shelf that can be used to facilitate the display, dinnerware, or the frequently-used utensils.

2. The lighting
Since the kitchen is working area in a house, you have to apply a proper lighting to facilitate all the activity in this room. The task lighting is the principle lighting element that should be integrated in the kitchen. The kitchen task lighting is placed right above the kitchen set, where all the cooking process happens.

3. The color
Well, color is always important to present the desirable ambience or to manipulate a space. When it comes to manipulating a small space into a more spacious one, neutral tones are the best choice. To have a small luxurious kitchen house, you can apply white or gray.

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