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Small Dining Room Furnishing Selection Tips

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The dining room is the second most frequently used the family to gather after the living room. Therefore, decorating or arranging the dining room as comfortable as possible is a step that must be taken.

However, what if we have a small dining room space? Of course, it’s not a problem, because by a proper selection of dining room furnishings, you can smartly overcome the space limitation.


Here are some tips to help you transform your small dining room into a more spacious one :

1. Add carpet in the particular area of the dining room with a matching color to the walls of the room. Carpets should be large enough to fit under the dining table and chair, even when the seat is pulled out. The application of carpet has a central impact on giving another level of comfort and warmth in the dining room, in order to enhance the intimacy and also the interaction among the family members while having a meal together.

2. When choosing a dining table there are a few things to consider, especially size and models. If your dining room has a limited space, choose a minimalist-themed dining table that doesn’t take much place. Measure well the distance between the walls and the dining table, so that the room doesn’t seem cramped and congested.

3. A small dining room should apply the combination of neutral colors and colors that can affect appetite. Neutral colors to choose are white or beige, while colors can add your appetite is yellow, green, dark red, and brown. Use one of these colors as accents only, as in a kitchen cabinet or backplash.

4. Using a tile that is different from the other rooms. The difference is meant to be a divider between the dining room with another room. It’s recommended that you use a type of ceramic tile which can reflect light in order to give a more spaciousness feel in the dining room.

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