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Small Beautiful Houses Designs Ideas

Do you have a small and tiny house, and you have a problem of how to organize and design to make it look spacious and airy? Actually, it’s not too difficult to organize a small house, especially if you have a budget problem. These following simple tips on how to organize and design a small house that’ll look roomy and comfortable :

1. Mirror
A mirror creates the impression of a spacious space. Hang a mirror in the dining room, living room or in a corner of a room. A large size mirror in the right place can produce a strong spacious effect to a space. Before hanging a mirror on the wall, you can first try placing it in several places in order to achieve a maximum effect in a room.

2. The Right placement of window
The windows should be well placed in order to have a good natural light during the day and a proper air circulation. Choose the window size that is not too large. In addition, the installment of the windows should also be well considered due to the importance of natural light and air.

3. The Selection of furniture
The built-in furniture creates an impression of simple and more spacious space. For example, in the bedroom, the closet can be “attached” to the wall or in the gypsum. We just need to make shelves in it and make the door only to minimize the cost of making furniture. Besides the built-in furniture, it’s recommended to choose the small-designed furniture. For example, the dining table. Use a four-seater small dining table and place it against the wall. The puff dining chair is also perfect giving an impression of more space.

4. The color application
Bright colors are best suited to be incorporated into a small house which are meant to give spaciousness feel to a narrow room.

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