Small Bathroom Decorating Inspiration Tips

We often face with the problem of the arrangement for a small bathroom which must accommodate all the functionality needed to be able to support our activities every day. To help organize your small bathroom, there are some tips that can be references for you :

Place the right furniture.

Placing right furniture in the bathroom can effectively create more space in in order to simplify us decorate the other bathroom fixtures and, the most important thing is to simplify us to move in the bathroom.

Always provide a Jet Shower and a tissue holder at the side of the toilet.

Sometimes we often skip the installation of a Jet Shower and a tissue holder. In fact, both of these items play an important role in the completeness of the functionality in the bathroom. With the presence of those two items, we can simply maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom and avoid puddles.

Determine the materials.

In a small bathroom, it is advisable to use only one type of material. For example, the flooring is only applied with marble tile that has bright texture. If you want to use more than one material, it is advisable to choose a material that has bright colors can give the impression of a wider space. In the selection of wall paint color, choose colors that match the level of gradation from dark color to the lighter colors.

Apply a glass partition.

By using a glass partition, we can separate the wet area and the dry area. In addition that it can make the bathroom look more organized, it will also simplify you to clean the bathroom.

Optimize the space under the sink

Under the sink shelf can be used as additional storage space in the bathroom. You can store many kinds of the bathroom appliances, such as towels, hairdryers, cosmetics, etc…

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