Simple Vertical Home Garden Ideas

The simple home garden has a great contribution in making a beautiful natural aesthetic element in a house. Not only as an aesthetic aspect, it’s also a natural facility built to enhance the health of the home occupants and the surrounding environment.

The land limitation and the increasing price of land are often the reason why the urban societies don’t prioritize the presence of the home garden. However, to overcome such problems, the vertical garden is one of the simplest home garden ideas for those of you who experience such problems mentioned above.

Currently, the vertical garden is one of the most popular simple home garden concepts, especially in the urban communities. The concept is very simple, you can try to make it yourself by arranging potted plants up or applying vines on the wall.

By applying the vertical garden is clearly more efficient, because you can take advantage of the corners or blank walls of simple home garden. This is contrary with the horizontal garden that requires a vast land for the crops. To create it, you can set the vines, arrange plants in hanging pots, or stick it in the vertical plane at the wall.

But, when it comes to creating a vertical garden is, in addition to the desired design, you have to consider the strength of the wall structure. This is because the vertical garden’s plants will be mounted to the wall. To avoid the walls’ damage cause of the moisture, you have to firstly coat the wall with the leakproof paint. And, you’re ready to start creating your own simple home garden in a form of a vertical garden.

The main point you need to consider in maintaining a vertical garden is to place the plants in an area that is exposed to sunlight. Do not forget to water the simple home garden regularly. But, if you are busy, there is already a system that enables automatic watering regularly.

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