Simple Beautiful Tiny Kitchen Concept

Simple beautiful kitchen is an effective kitchen concept that simplifies the homeowners to organize it and it represents a functional kitchen.

Every homeowner must have longed for an ideal and efficient kitchen. However, an ideal kitchen doesn’t always have a big space. Despite the tiny size, with the careful structuring, and the optimally taking benefit benefit of every corner of the room, it will simply create a simple beautiful kitchen.

A tiny kitchen doesn’t mean that it should be designed carelessly. Even though it’s a mini sized kitchen, it must always be functional. In addition, a small beautiful kitchen will have a positive impact to the creation of positive ambience throughout the house.

The first key to beautify and decorate a kitchen that occupies a very limited space is the wall kitchen cabinet. The goal is to be able to accommodate a variety of cookware and other kitchen tools. The wall kitchen cabinet is a very space efficient that doesn’t make your kitchen look cramped. Plus, if it’s well-decorated, it will simply create a small beautiful kitchen.

To enhance the comfort aspect of the small beautiful kitchen, it’s recommended to combine the kitchen with the dining room. This way is such an effective way in ensuring the presence of the openness, which also means the comfort, in the kitchen.

The backsplash is also one of the most important tiny kitchen elements that will turn your tiny kitchen into a small beautiful kitchen. There are many backsplash motifs available depending on the your taste.


The white color domination is also very helpful to make your tiny kitchen feel bright and airy. Integrate three lighting elements; the task, the accent, and the decorative lighting, which each has its own function to create a small beautiful kitchen.

Well, it’s clear that in order to have a beautiful kitchen really doesn’t require a big or large space. It just needs creativity and a pinch of determination to turn a tiny kitchen space into a small beautiful kitchen.

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