Simple And Stylish Baths

Once a Spartan space defined by necessity, the bathroom has stepped into the home design spotlight.

Infused with sensational style and luxurious function, it now starts as a truly personalized living, relaxing and grooming center- a revolution as exciting as the advent of indoor plumbing and central heating that long ago set the stage.

Traditionally, style stopped at the bathrooms intimate threshold, but the bathrooms new role in leisurely pursuits demands a personalized design touch to inspire the right mood, be it lively or mellow.

Dip into history and collectible treasures to set an era-evoking theme. Splashing color to rev up or cool down the baths visual thermostat. Or, embrace your private spa in the sleek scheme of your homes other living areas.

Depending on space and the bathrooms amenities, furnishings can be grouped for appealing comfort or go solo for impact.

Adding plump-pillowed seating in an alcove, or chaise lounges or a desk by a sunny window invites you to linger longer and relax.

To keep your bath on the sunny yet private side, pull-up Roman shades, curtains, and shutters with fabric panels handle privacy and add to the sprightly mix of color and pattern in the room’s fabric accents.