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Room Painting Ideas

When your kids move out; it’s a state of utter confusion to what to do with their room carrying nostalgic vibes. For such rooms, the empty nest room colors might just do the trick of adding brilliance.

If you plan to make your child’s room a study or a library then try the Corn Silk; which has already worked like magic for so many customers. This color goes with the light shades of the market colors highlighting the soothing effect the study space initially was built for to give.


The pink ballet slipper colors; are a perfect shade to incorporate in your little princess’s room.

This shade could be the harboring station for many wallpaper stickers and iron scrollwork. Lavender and cream colored bed headboards and dressing tables would just look amazing with this pretty pink shade. Your daughter might just never want to leave her little castle of perfect colors after such painting designs!

Let your living room be the ideal space for a family valuable time. This can be achieved through some warm shades like Soft Suede painted on the walls. Wood smoke could be the color of your sitting units for a contrasting appearance.

A luxurious bathroom if integrated with rich and dark shades brings out a radiant look. Sweet Tea color is what would deem perfect for the vanity backsplash and the shower space wallpaper.


The lush shade would be a perfect complementary look to the Sweet tea color in your grand majestic bathroom.