Romantic Bedroom Design Ideas

Lighthearted Romantic Rooms challenge your imagination and coax you to indulge your design passions.

Romantic bedrooms can be hard to decorate because in terms of taste it may vary from person to person. Most people tend to glamor up the room defeating the whole theme of romance.

In the long run you’ll find that finding a few good pieces over a period of time is a wiser and better looking decision rather than a few showy and costly pieces.

Romance and the boudoir are two things that go together perfectly. But creating the right mood doesn’t necessarily include beautifying the room with candles and roses.

Black and gold wall papers give of a sexy vibe and look very exotic and mysterious. At times people like to go for the whimsical vibe as this makes them feel playful, this can be achieved by soft throws and canopy beds.

Sentimental attention to detail enhances the romantic mood and lets you personalize your bedrooms scheme. Dress the windows in plisse, Priscilla’s, Austrian shades or generous balloon shades of linen. Illuminate the romantic stage with non-glare lighting and include a dimmer switch to control the mood.

To keep the mood light avoid weighty, dark-colored furniture; opt, instead, for pale woods, wicker, gracefully carved chairs and cheery painted armories.