Living Room

Renovation Ideas Living Room

Renovate your Living Room by giving it a Mediterranean Effect. Sky blue and cloud white colors can be brilliantly integrated together to give out a coastal look like no other.

A comfortable arm chair with striped fabrics and wooden vertical paneled ceilings on the top could adopt the feeling of a beach. Make your living room feel more airy and spacious through adding more windows and light color contrasts throughout the space.

Renovation accompanies the exquisite lighting ideas without which the living room seems incomplete. Let your media cabinet have lighting fixtures that illuminate the sleek appliances.

If you’re keener upon highlighting your accessories and artwork then Track lighting is the best option to avail. Let your bulbs be of low voltage and table lamp could give you the experience of task lighting.

The combination of these task, accent and ambient lighting could be the recipe for a well lit living room. A boring and tedious living room can be evolved into an eclectic room with all the features which make you excited.

Angular furnishings and layering of carpets is the main characteristic of such theme; and with the introduction of antique pieces of artwork, one can guarantee brilliance and an appealing message it gives out to the guests.

Even the uncomfortable living room where you hardly spent any time could be renovated into cozy and comfy space where all you can do is to sit back and relax.