Renovation Ideas Bathroom

The old fashioned and traditional bathroom of yours would always be ready for some makeover. Let the top trendy materials be incorporated within its folds; so a chic feeling is guaranteed when you walk into it.

A bathroom that echoes traditional and conventional vibes always has some space for renovation. Let your tiles be replaced with wide planks of double layered bamboo wood; that shall always go with the flow of traditional equipments which are deemed necessary to stay where they are.

Make your bathroom look fashionable, through the entry of chandeliers and layered carpets so your washroom looks wonderfully unique yet beautiful.

Renovate your child’s bathroom through painting their walls with vibrant colors that could immerse liveliness in the surroundings.

A major technique to follow is if your wallpaper is white; by painting patterns over it so a blending effect is created


Red or sun-baked orange color can be integrated within rugs of your bathroom. Restricting yourself within limits is of no use; hence renovate your bathroom without any barriers already set up of following a certain theme.

Eccentric and diverse ideas integrated within on roof are the trademark of a lovely and inviting bathroom. Mosaic tiling as backsplash, translucent his and hers sinks, separate shower flooring and checkered drapery can be mixed together for a wonderful combination.