Relaxing Al Fresco

With the worst of the summer heat past, and breezy fall weather on its way, its the perfect time to spend time relaxing outdoors. These trends will make spending time in your outdoor space as comfortable and enjoyable as can be.

As the weather begins to cool down, there’s nothing like sitting by a fire to warm yourself up while enjoying the nature around you. Whether it be an outdoor fire pit, or outdoor fire place, heat your outdoor space up for an unforgettable experience and beautiful look.

Swings aren’t only for kids anymore. There’s nothing more welcoming than a comfortable, cushioned, patio swing. Choose a single seat-er if you want to swing alone, or a swinging bench if you want to relax in the company of others.

There’s nothing like the smell of a grill to draw you outdoors. While traditional BBQ’s do the trick, take it up a notch with a gas grill to really get things fired up.

Whether grilling outdoors, or cooking a traditional meal in your kitchen, eating al fresco is always a special experience. With a full outdoor dining table, you’ll be sure to utilize your patio often. Don’t constrain yourself to traditional patio furniture, this season outdoor dining is getting kicked up a notch.

To utilize your space, add some benches to your porch. Not only do they provide a lot more seating than traditional chairs, they are sure to keep your outdoor gatherings intimate.