Living Room

Red Living Room

A room with monochromatic dull colors upon the wall needs some spicy color to warm it up. Red-orange hues could be complemented upon furnishings to add style.

Throw pillows, wing back chair and the rug balances the fresh tones. Applying red in small doses allows perfection within affordable range. Surely red doesn’t need to be the dominate color in the room get attention.

Having a barn-red lacquered chest with a framed quilt picture could surely keep balance between the softer hues and the bold colors. The red color could be the focal point if applied upon the sofa fabrics. With patterned oversized cushions placed upon the armchair could be complemented by patterned Persian wallpaper.

The adjacent room if is painted with orange and similar re shade could create a visual impact for the audiences because of the connection between the two places. Let your furnishings not compete rather complement each other’s beauty.

Mixing patterns and prints could be the best way in enhancing your living rooms value. A striped black-and-red carpet with patterned red and lavender colored armchair certainly would look perfect.

Even a red and tan sofa with blue wallpaper gives the room a coastal feel.

Guarantee yourself a traditional feel through adding deep navy blue sofas with your lush red sofas. Tall ceilings with floor-to-ceiling windows would let the natural light to shine upon the living room décor amazingly. Brick red gingham or floral fabric furnishings bring out a look like no other.