Red Kitchen Design Ideas

Red is the color to take a risk with however complements the lifestyle of an extrovert and portrays courage at all times. A bold bright color like red is often incorporated with country style where intense red wallpaper awaits the owners’ arrival every day and displays white shelves for collectible white pottery.

Cabinets and appliances should have a touch of red within their folds and also should the base of the kitchen island to undermine all other dull colors. Countertops if painted with a glossy black color would complete this wonderful look.

retro kitchen also can be mingled with red accents as many customers do not feel like painting their walls red. Gradually increasing the doses of red through small measures could make the owners feel comfortable.

Aqua colored wallpaper and chairs mixed with pure white cabinetry is complemented by red polka dot dishes and floral curtains.

Red kitchen might look really bold however could be toned down for an earthly peaceful effect through faded red color.

You could even have a mosaic tiled backsplash of dark red tiles with striped faded red wallpaper.

Give an eclectic statement through layering different color combination over the primary red color that could be amalgamated into a brilliant art piece. Red colored knife handles or table mats often create a look like no other!