Red Bathroom Design Ideas

Red, white and blue bath combination is a very diverse yet attractive look to acquaint you with. Creative and imaginative ways are created through rich red wallpaper with striped fish motifs on white.

Sandy-color sisal rug could be placed below the stool for your young ones, and navy blue towels could be hanged upon lust colored handles. The marble countertop complements the beauty of red knobs of white cabinetry.

Red cabinetry could be a teenage theme to adopt. With its sleek glossy look to the faded red striped wallpaper amalgamated in a way to give a interconnected image looks absolutely marvelous.


The knobs should be chosen smartly like a similar even more bold color like black. Create a cottage-inspired look through flirty fabrics upon the window drapery and rich colors adopted by bathroom closets.


Faded red color with sleek white tub often complements each other’s beauty. Lush patterned ottoman pouf and crystal chandelier hanging upon the ceiling gives a wow-factor like never before.

Checkered floors have their own brilliance and importance in the world; and if integrated with shades of red and white could create a mind-blowing effect where traditional and vintage designs could be easily fitted.


You could even g with painting your whole room with a monochromatic dull shade and picking red as the shade of the shower glass to make it the total focal point.