Home Design

Purple And Green: Unexpected Harmony

Purple and green is a wacky pair of colors that simply works. While you might assume that they would clash, these two colors actually create a harmonious coupling. Either add subtle hints of the two into your living space, or take the look all the way.

This dining room is absolutely dynamic. The bright green walls are slightly toned down with neutral artwork. Purple velvet chairs look stunning against the green background, and delicate deep purple flowers complete the look.

Another great way to take advantage of this beautiful combination is with colored patterns. The same effect is achieved, just a slightly toned down version. Gold is a good choice of another color to bring in, when using patterns.

When it comes to using this pair in bathroom design you can go subtle with mossy greens and lilac….

Or, you can use wild wallpaper and bold colors, and go wild with it!

If you like the combination of the two colors, but you want a simpler design, consider incorporating the colors into your room with subtle accents. White is the perfect backdrop for this, as it will allow your accents to stand out without having to introduce too many of them.