Home Design

Pure White

Some people may be drawn to white because of its pure and innocent undertones. Some might just want to embrace its pure chic appeal. Whichever is the case, all white is a style that will never be a thing of the past.

This all white bedroom has a classictraditional feel. The white canopy gives it an added sweet touch. Because the room is monotone, the small details make all the difference. Small frills on the bedding, and intricate bedside tables add a tremendous amount to the overall style of the room.

This modern bathroom is all white, with very few detail except for one dangling chandelier above the bathtub. The clean-cut design with silver finishings gives the room a modern feel.

All white is an excellent choice when designing a room with a rustic or country appeal. The simplicity of the white allows the rustic details such as  white wood furniture to truly stand out. The pairing of an elegant chandelier with unfinished pieces creates a bold style statement.

This kitchen is sleek and modern. The marbling in the counter top introduces some gray into the design that plays well off of the white. The dark wood floors highlight the white design.The all white look does not need to be confined to the interior design of your home. An all-white house has a simple homey feel about it that provides an unexpected warmth that other colors can not. Keep the garden design to a minimal, and let your home glow.