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Private Home Sauna Design Ideas

One more facility that can be presented at your home, a sauna room. The existence of a private home sauna can provide comfort as well as convenience for those who like the self-treatment. Sauna is a type of body treatment that has been quite popular since it was first founded until this very day. You don’t have to hardly experience this treatment. Just by sitting, you can eradicate all impurities and toxins from the body through sweat that’s “forced” out by the heat of the room.

One of the expensive treatments can be applied in your backyard or you can integrate it into your bathroom with by renovating the bathroom. However, making a private sauna room will cost a lot. Therefore, you have to really prepare and plan everything as well as possible. Compared to the other spa facilities, the sauna room tends to be very easy to make. The heat source can be obtained simply by placing volcanic rocks in the upper side of the electric heater.

When you plan to create a private sauna in your home, the first thing to consider is to determine what type of the sauna that will be created. Typically, the dry sauna type is the most commonly chosen. In addition that it’s relatively inexpensive, the dry sauna has several benefits, one of which, it can increase the body’s metabolism.

If you have a busy daily activity, the wet sauna can be a good choice to re-energize you. The wet sauna is always constructed together with the bathroom. The wet sauna has a very simple design, and it doesn’t require too much space.


To get a good and convenient private sauna, you also have to fill the room with some accessories, such as sauna lamps, sauna bucket and wooden dipper. Not only that, the air circulation must also be considered. Although this room should be sealed, so that the steam can’t come out, there’s nothing wrong if you install the air filter on the side to give a good interior airflow.

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