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Pretty In Pink

While pink may have the reputation of being a bright, feminine color, pink is actually stylish and appropriate for both sexes. Pink is known to be rather tranquilizing. There’s a reason that prisons paint the cells of their most dangerous inmates pink!

Pink is a color that works in nearly every room you can think of. Most often, you’ll find it in bedrooms, and most likely girls bedrooms.

However, this under-used color has far greater potential. Try it in your living room, you’ll instantly fall in love with it. You can mix up different shades of pink for an even greater style impact.

The least likely room in the house that you’re likely to find pink walls is the kitchen. However, if you have an open kitchen with lots of windows, pink is actually the perfect choice. Pink reflects light and will absolutely illuminate your space.

Even just a single pink accent can make a huge impact. For example, in the landscape below, the eye is immediately drawn to the hot pink chair, giving the garden design a whole new look, one that is much more unique.

Try incorporating pink accents in an all white room to make the color pop even more. You can do so however you please. One of the easiest ways is with fun, pink throw pillows.