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Pretty In Pink!….Bathrooms

Pink is back in style! Flood your bathroom with pink for a fun, and cheery look, or use pink accents for something a little more subdued. And remember, pink does not necessarily mean feminine.

This raspberry pink bathroom packs a mighty punch. The bold color choice works because of the size of the bathroom. Although the color is deep, the bathroom has an airy feel.

This bathroom highlights pink using pink accents rather than wall color or tiling.The pink truly stands out because the rest of the bathroom is completely white.

Choose a light pink for a subtle, delicate appeal. This gentle color looks amazing paired with a light gray and will give your bathroom a serene vibe.

Tiling is another great way to incorporate the color into your bathroom design. This bathroom back splash tiling incorporates multiple hues of pink. The tiling is set off with the dangling pink light and a soft pink hand towel.

If you’re worried that using pink in your bathroom will make it appear too feminine, think again. While pink is a stereotypical female color, there are many ways to use it in a non-feminine manner. This depends largely on how much is used, and which pink hues you choose. Installing a dark pink bathroom counter will give your bathroom flare, while keeping it gender-neutral.

When it comes to pink, don’t be afraid to go bold. The bathroom is a space that can handle color, and a lot of it. Consider pairing your pink walls with orange accents, it makes a bold style statement.