Powder Room Ideas

Remodel your Powder Room for a look like no other! A small room like a powder room can be a perfect way to make a statement with bold and blunt designs.

Bring out a wow factor through painting the walls with glossy navy blue texture. The bold color of the walls and the framed ceiling can complement the already vibrant color of the adjacent guest room.

Patterned roman designs for window shades can bring out the best for you. A modern and romantic powder room can be guaranteed by the use of stainless steel toilet and concrete sink. Embellish this beauty further by installing rose colored tiles. Placing a long vase filled with pink flowers can bring out a tender stroke to the overall room.

Because of its small size, it’s a great way to take chances. Forget the dim shades of sand and tan and go for bold colors like merlot, navy and chocolate.

Place dabble materials that are expensive and avoid trafficking this place with numerable items. Creative artwork and tiny vignettes on the countertops can bring out a brilliant vibe.

For further elegance and boasting, provide your guests with little opulence like a superior soap or a rich lotion.