Entrance Design

Porch Design Ideas

How you set up your Porch can affect the whole image of your home. Don’t just get rid of the duty of maintaining a passable porch with moderate decor but make it look more unique and elegant to enhance the overall look.

Chairs, sofas or other sitting arrangements are usually added to a porch that has enough space, so add a single swing seat to one side of your porch accompanied by a few cushions and place potted plants around both sides.

This is a peaceful way of beautifying your small porch

Place two elegant, lightly colored wooden chairs with striped cushions and a small table in the middle. Place a large plant at the back to complete the suburban look.

 In case you do not own enough space for any sort of sitting arrangements, there are other ways in which you can make your porch stand out.

From the edges of the roof above your porch and in the middle of the pillars, try putting up hanging plants that are bright green and have exotic flowers.

Add light, polished wooden boards to the flooring and you have a fresh looking, beautiful porch. Be sure to water the plants appropriately!