Swimming Pool

Pool Design Ideas

Pools are an essential part of a residence that enhance its beauty and with the amount of flexibility in the design, you can have your own compact pool even if you don’t have enough space for a large one.

Add a small pool to your back yard that looks like the top of a life size water barrel has been cut off and got a base added to it.

 A small set of steps can be added to enter your pool that not only looks unique but occupies less space at the same time.

However if you have the space and money to spend on a bigger pool, go for a sleek looking pool with an unusual shape curving unevenly and have a small bridge build over it from one end to the other.

Choose a pale white color for the flooring around the pool and the bridge to enhance the look of the sea green base of the pool.

If you long for the outdoor feel of swimming in the wild waters, you can have your swimming pool propped with decorative rocks and plants at the edges and a personalized waterfall emerging from a beautifully carved out rock structure.

These amazing Pool Designs will give you luxurious feelings. Start converting your house into a pool house.