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Plant Decor: Letting Nature Reign

The next big thing in home design is Plant Decor. Here is a collection of some of our favorite designs in this genre for you to look through!

1. This living room went all out with an awesome naturally inspired carpet, an indoor garden, and wooden furniture with green upholstery.



2. This bathroom literally uses a vertical garden as decoration.

3. Flowers count as plants too, and wallpaper is a great way to add some plant decor to your room.


If you want a more subdued colors wallpaper, you do not have to give up the plant decor idea. Check out this designer’s black and white forest wallpaper.


4. This green galley kitchen is filled with life, from real plants, to the themed carpet, to the door leading out to the well kept garden.

5.  You can even add plant decor to your office.

6. This jungle themed bathroom makes every bath seem like a spa vacation.

7. This jungle-themed loft (with the built in slide) is both fun and adventurous, while still staying sleek and beautiful.

8. Classy plant decor can be conveyed with calm greens and artistic, contemporary wall murals.

9. This room designer went all out with the tree theme – from unique bed design to the wallpaper to to the sheets.

10. If your house is very contemporary and modern in its design, there are still ways of inserting natural ideas into your home. Look at this beautiful, forest inspired divider that makes this black and glass room look even more stylish!




Check out more really cool and unique designs in our photo gallery below.