Pink Room Design Ideas

If you want your master bedroom to be a combination of brilliantly integrated pieces of artwork embezzled within the shades of Pink then try out the very new designs of 2013.

Quiet soft and ethereal designs can be achieved through ink colored theme rooms. Romantic master bedrooms are mostly based upon this color. Soft hues of drapery flowing on the marble floor and a vintage dressing area highlight the true beauty of the room.

The focal point of this room is the crystal chandelier that harbors upon the centre of the ceilings. Pink wallpaper in the living room might look bizarre however with the proper decorating; perfection is always possible.

Place childhood photographs of yourself or your family in order with a black and white effect.

A stone fireplace with a couch beside it could be the focus of the guests whenever they visit. Candle chandeliers and blue pottery decorated upon the side tables could look brilliant too.

A dramatic foyer is always guaranteed with shocking pink wallpaper which would portray the chic lifestyle of the owner as anyone near your house.

This place could be decorated with glass chandeliers and Victorian styled vintage furniture. Polka dot wallpaper and checkered floor is the best complementary design to go with.