Pink Kitchen

Make the star of your kitchen the colorPink. However it doesn’t mean excessively forcing pink shades in each and every thing. A kitchen with a cute pale pink color refrigerator and floral kitchen is the way to go about.

A pink checkered sheet over the dining table and some pinkish artwork can truly be a trademark for your kitchen design.

A very unique way of decorating your kitchen is through leaving behind the background as simply yellow or white however the kitchenware and cutlery items could be modified with a unified color i.e. pink. Pans, plates and even shelves could be painted pretty pink however remember not to over-accessorize it because in that way the essence of the pink color would be totally lost.

Pink coiled stoves is what best describes a total extreme pink kitchen design however could be the focal point for your guests to admire and for you in utmost style.

A shocking pink color backsplash would certainly throw away the girly baby pink mainstream color if your interests deviate from the usual feminist ones.

Hanging dark shaded items like pans and cutting boards could be a brilliant way to contrast with the wallpaper.

Exposing pipes and steel sink could be an amazing vintage way of bringing back the old-school feeling.