Pink Girly Bedroom Design Makeover Ideas

Pink bedroom makeover ideas become one of the most popular ideal ideas to beautify a teenage girl’s bedroom. Girl’s bedroom is a shelter and a space where she can make it as her own perfect world. For her, this is a place for fantasy, to play and to grow. That’s why it is absolutely important for her to have a bedroom that can reflect the girly teenage personality.

First thing in designing any kind of rooms is to determine the theme. It goes the same way with the girl bedroom. Even though that you plan on actualizing the pink bedroom makeover ideas, you have to firstly decide what theme that suits your daughter’s interest. For example, a Hello Kitty theme which is very popular among the teenage girls. You can integrate the Hello Kitty’s logo as the mural or wallpaper and the bed sheet.

You don’t need to be confused on realizing a pink bedroom makeover ideas your daughter’s bedroom. You have to make pink color as the dominant color in the bedroom. You can apply pink into the walls, bed sheet, or even some furnishings like a dressing table or the door. For an accent, you can accompany pink with white color which is best suited to be integrated into the armoire, window frames or carpet.

Once you’ve finished the beginning part of the pink bedroom makeover ideas, you can now continue to “fill” the bedroom with the girly and attractive decorative elements. Butterflies and flowers are a popular option for the teenage girls. You can actualize it in a form of murals, wallpapers or carpet. To enhance the girly atmosphere, create a floral border on the mirror.

One thing for sure, the pink bedroom makeover ideas is just a matter of the bedroom’s atmosphere, but the main goal is to give a bedroom concept that can reflect the personality of your daughter in order to make her feel comfortable and safe being in her bedroom.

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