Pink Bedroom

Fluffy cushions, flair extended linens and pendant lights are a way of brilliantly designing pink room whether it is your own room or your daughter’s princess-inspired bedroom.

A pink scribble painting over floral designed wallpaper could be an effective way to portray the feminism.

A white sofa seater fitted on a corner with a coffee table harboring a glass bowl with a water lily looks delicate and fragile.

An iron lamp with drum shades could be an amazing lighting layout. A romantic pink bedroom is what would make your loved ones go all crazy and give your bedroom a wow-factor.

Baby pink sofas with oversized cushions are what could bring a soft feeling of perfection. A sun-themed mirror over the bed and floral drapery flowing through the bed’s iron corners could bring out a brilliant combination.

Lampshades with transparent hues could highlight the beauty of the room even more.

Faded pink toile combined with creamy could serve as the bedspread design. A in-built mirror in the wall above the bed could serve as an amazing way to shine in the natural light to highlight the fragile accessories of the room.