Pink Bedroom Makeover Ideas With Princess Theme

Pink bedroom makeover ideas are the nice option for the parents to want to renew the appearance of their girls’ bedroom. Pink bedroom is always identical with girls since pink is considered as a feminine color. Making a pink bedroom decoration to look vibrant and interesting is not difficult to do.

You will never feel the tedious effect if you can find the perfect theme. One of the most popular themes loved by girls with pink color is the princess theme. There are many Walt Disney princesses that you can choose as a theme. Some themes include fairy Utopia, Barbie princess movie, Cinderella, snow white, Aurora, and many more.

You can begin the decoration by painting the wall with castle or even fantasy land as the focal wall in the pink bedroom makeover ideas. Then you can draw a lovely princess as the supporting image. The princess that you have picked can be incorporated through the selection of accessories. You can shop for the lampshade, cosmetic, jewelry, doll and toys with princess print. Those items spread around the globe for Disney princesses are considered as popular icon among the girls. The dresser, wall border, cabinet, nightstand, and bed frame can feature the princess wall sticker. It can carry coordinate effect with the wall mural.

Spreading an area rug made in pink color is also a good decision to go. The bedding can be made with such princess theme too. You can have the throw pillow embroidery in pink pattern. The fabric used in the bedroom should be romantic and feminine. You can have it made from lace, toile or even sequin. If you run out of pink bedroom makeover ideas, you can shop for the pink pillow sham, pink lace curtain, pink storage basket, pink comforter, pink bed cover, pink lampshade, pink hot box, pink jewelry box, and many more.

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