Storage Design

Perfect Storage Ideas

Finding your house in complete mess when you come back home, puts you in utter stress. Don’t worry about such clutter, and start abiding by the perfect storage techniques that many designers recommend.

Satisfaction could be guaranteed even through a simple foyer with an entryway that accommodates floating shelves and numerous hanging options. It could be vertical spaced cabinet harbouring hangers where you could drop your coats, a basket underneath it to place your shoes and a beautiful antique to shore your everyday jewellery and perfumes.

However if you do not want to make your storage items visible to the entering guests; showcase a mantel piece carrying essential equipments in your foyer just beneath a giant mirror.

Many customers find peace in just settling clutter of the house beneath their beds, and some would let it be stored in a perfectly good organized manner by installing bed gliding drawers.

A pantry in the kitchen is the trick towards storing the overflowing kitchen items in an aesthetic manner. Leave a narrow space in your kitchen and enclose it through industrial frosted gliding glass door so natural light is always there.

A staircase is the least likely place where someone would want to store items considering it would not look charming. However properly executing the staircase storage idea through making hidden gliding rustic wooden drawers could look marvelous.

Most importantly this pantry could hold all those antique China passed down form generations, and could even accommodate fancy cutlery or casual groceries items.