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Perfect Roof Designs

The perfect way to design your gym is through planning it upon the Roof Top. With Transparent glass panels on every side with paintings hanged upon the panels surely would complement the wide area rug in between where you could carry out yoga or aerobics.

White and Black colored with blue accents could be the palette for your equipments and if arranged rectangular-Ly along the rug would guarantee an amazing gym design.. An airy and light roof top design can be guaranteed through vertical stripes in thin lines.

With white tiles arranged in a vertical way; with a seating lounge on one side while dining area on the other. This area could be surrounded by greenery through various planters with blooming flowers.

With wooden floor beneath blocks of solid concrete placed numerously around a fire pit; one can guarantee the time of his life during cold nights. Italian styled roof top design is known for its minimalistic featuring, by only having a wavy border and two arm seats in between with colourful and comfortable upholstery.

Planters are a big feature that could define the roof space. With illuminated planters through integrated Led lighting placed upon the rooftops, one can achieve elegance easily.

A jungle inspired theme could incorporate flowing silk linens from the sofas and could be featuring zebra or cheetah printed rugs.

A wooden beam with large fragments of cloth upon it would look amazing and conventional.