Interior Design

Pendant Lighting Tips

Pendant Lights also considered sometimes as a chandelier, are stylish and have multipurpose, they are hanged from the ceiling, suspended by a cord, cable or a metallic rod.

They are an excellent way to add a bit of designing to your house and giving it a very exclusive look.


Depending upon your lighting, you can select one sole pendant light or cluster of several together.

You can highlight a decoration piece or a marvelous painting with a single pendant light, or use multiple lights in a circle, streak or on a path to highlight a certain part of the room.

The ones which provide more focused light can be used over work surfaces or the kitchen table. Pendent lights are available in a variety of styles to choose from, ranging from nickel plated pendant lights for modern appearance to the ones finished in bamboo for an exclusive Asian appeal.

Many people brighten up their room with mini pendants, the width of mini pendant shades range from 4 or 5 inches to 11 or 12 inches.

Modern pendants are energy-saving low power models which require 40-60 watt bulbs and some use halogen or glowing bulbs available at affordable prices.