Landscape Design

Patio Designs

Patios are a vital part of your residence and speak volumes about your taste and style. Leave an impression on your visitors with amazing patio designs that are unique and beautiful.

Vintage patio designs, like the Italian courtyards, neatly paved and surrounded with elegant arches usually painted white are a symbol of class and purity.

Add a set of accentuated yet subtle pair of chairs in the middle along a half-size table with exotic floral arrangements and you can have a unique, peaceful sitting place. Hang a few candle lanterns in the arches surrounding your patio and watch it illuminate in the evening.

For smaller spaces, Spanish patio designs work really well. They are beautiful, peppy and bring life to your outer space.

Cover your patio with a bamboo roof and place comfortable lay-back chairs beneath with a small table in between.

Go for light wooden flooring and avoid a loud decor. For extra effect cover your bamboo roof in tiny colourful lights that will radiate warmth and light on a starless night.

Add dark wooden flooring with a pale white divan and a low height table made of a slab of marble for a more modern looking patio.