Paradise In Tropical Garden


The tropical garden is a nice decoration to bring in the backyard. It can be your private retreat. This tropical style should carry striking and vibrant effect. This style offers you with cheerful and colorful design represented through the vibrant colored flowers like the hibiscus red and purple bougainvillea.

The tropical regions like India, Hawaii, Brazil and Indonesia offer you with tropical styles when you like to replicate the tropical gardening ideas. There are many types of flowers that you can grow on the pot, wrought iron planter and on the ground. You can opt for orchid, calla lilies, fuchsia, bamboo, passion flower and palm tress.

You need to apply different height of plants to bring more textures in the tropical garden. Now think about the structure used to define the garden. You need to have a comfortable spot where you can sit and relax. It will be nice if you install a pavilion or even a hut. Then you can set some sofas with a coffee table. The waterworks should be available too. You can have striking waterfall along with a pond. Then you can adorn it with some floating plants and flowers. Don’t forget to add some fish on the pond for colorful look.

The hardscape can be defined by using some natural materials like paver, stones, gravel, rock and brick. You can use one of them to construct a pathway. The border of the pond should carry interesting look. You can install broken mosaic tiles to bring more colors. If you love to stay in this garden at night, don’t forget to install a bright illumination. If you do not want to catch cold, you can have an outdoor fireplace. It can keep your body warm all of the time when relaxing on the tropical garden with family and friends.

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