Paint Colors

Pantone Colors

The entrance of sand into the Colors; surely describes how customers might now move towards the antique and traditional brilliance. This sunflower base-inspired look would look lovely in the spring and the summer.

Sand is among one of those colors, which is a varied burned beige effect. The placid blue color is amazing for the men’s approval because of its calm and comforting color.

Painting this color in the kid’s room is an effective way of boosting their learning capability as many experts have rightly said so.

The Pantone colors always have a room for a certain eccentric palette which this year introduces as the color known as zesty lemon. Giving out an attitude of originality and cleverness, this color can be accommodated in powder rooms, bedroom and in accessories.



You could even experiment with this year, Neon green color which if combined with the daredevil skydiver blue in the bathrooms could bring out a cooling and refreshing start to the mornings.

Fudge sickle brown could be the color for your kitchen island and wallpaper for a sleek and modern touch that the conventional off-white couldn’t give.


Lush red and black-and-white mixture could be the recipe for your foyer; which would reveal the brilliance of interior inside your home.

The colors will bring a personality your house; with brilliant shades calling for adventure, experimentation and a lot of discovery.