Paint Colors

Pantone Colors Of The Year

As the season’s designers choose the best suited color for the times to come, they try to contrast it with the fall season of changing leaf colors and a give chance to the customers to change their wardrobe style for the brisk days ahead. This colors range from slate to orange refined colors.

Presenting the color of the next autumn in 2014 is the multifaceted, much awaited attractive color; Emerald.

You might have a lot of shades of blue and green, however this brilliant looking color might not have been accustomed to your interior decorations.

Purchase gorgeous accessories with the touch of emerald, because surely this color would be seen everywhere when the time would come! Get ready for the fall, and shop for items that look exquisitely luxurious with the mix of rich, earthy hues with bold splashes.

Also, the entry of the rich and bright blue color known popularly as Mykonos blue is what would create a wow-factor in all your featured items

The remainder of the sky and sea is what this color usually gives; portraying natural tranquility and peace through all corners.

The pairing of this color with the bold and meditative blue in bathrooms and bedrooms can be a brilliant way for contrasting. Turbulence mixed with the harmonies of carafe could bring out a rich yet lavish look like no other.