Paint Colors

Pantone Colors For Spring

Hold your breaths because the arrival of the Spring Pantone Colors is here. Forgetting the previous brilliant shades like Mimosa, Emerald and turbulence isn’t easy; however the new spring shades is probably admitted to be owned by money so it’s your lucky season!

Introducing the dazzling and mind-blowing color of spring that is, peppy shaded blue. The contrasting wooden features with this color can be a brilliant example for integrating furnishings in the spring pantone colors.

Zigzag patterned pillows with a clean white background can be complemented with the fillings of the dazzling blue. The rest of the colors are a portrayal of muted shades of bold and bright colors.

With the brew of flavors and colors like Violet tulip, Radiant orchid, celosia orange, freesia, Cayenne, hemlock, sand, and Placid blue; one can assure themselves a safe place where almost every color could be owned by you.

The romantic and nostalgic feeling, violet tulip gives is irreplaceable and surely makes you wonder if it was possible to make every décor item within the folds of this shade.

This color is from the family of the extravagant purple color, hence integrating for the backsplash of your Bathroom vanity is the perfect example.  The color Paloma for the spring echos qualities of tolerance and tranquility, making one feels at peace at last.  Fireplaces and foyer accessories could accommodate such brilliant shade.

This color could be easily contrasted with furnishings and if matched with turquoise and sea green would bring out a look like no other.