Paint Colors

Pantone Color Trends For Winter

The frosty and crystal-bright winter light is translated into shimmering metallic- or leather-coatings in surprising combinations. The overall palette is warm with an intriguing depth. Fur is a new obvious component in the design of the textiles.

Lightweight fabrics are essential to the look, as is subdued decoration, mostly obtained by special weaves and yarns with unique properties. Bonded fabrics add extra volume and density, shaping new, bold silhouettes.

Fountain-pen black, charcoal, sepia ink and colored chalks are the representation of this chilly season and if accommodated within the folds of the living room accessories and furnishings might just create a wow-factor.

Inspire your guests through the rich auburn; caramel and brown color highlighting the kitchen interior simultaneously highlighting its hot orange and contrasting red cutlery. This winter, let your rooms be contaminated with the uniformity of Pantone colors expressing contemporary liveliness and homogenous integration.


The season of winter calls for sustaining cool water tones; so bring out a refreshing initiation of remodeling through dazzling blues and greens. Dewberry purple and violet tulle could be the major component colors of your wallpaper.

The stone fireplace that is the focal point of your gathering during the winters is what needs the most consideration. Let the burnt orange effect be displayed upon the wallpapers and fluffy chocolate brown rugs be placed beside it.


Poufs and floor cushions with antique tones is what would describe exquisite winters.