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Painting Ideas For Men Bedroom

It’ll be really easy for marking the territory of the men’s room through the entry of custom colors that reflect the ideologies and interests of a typical man.


Let the room feel more masculine through the introduction of Rich navy in his bedroom; such color is the attractive factor to bring the X factor.

The bedroom won’t really look so deeply manly so ladies would feel uncomfortable nor would look an epitome of failure manhood, rather would be a brilliant start to perfect peaceful mornings.

Black Mahogany is the rich color for an ideal Men’s bedroom. A background with such wallpaper shade with advanced technological appliances upon it would look remarkable.


Bed linens and drapery if adopt a pattern with such shades might just bring a cohesive look like never before.  A seal grey color and slate grey is what would be a contrasting color combination for a sophisticated room filled with minimalist furnishings. This room could echo the brilliant sleek LED and theatre system, which is the ideal representation of the man’s interests.

Deep Garnet is what would be perfect for Men who miss their families and home bedroom.

This shade would not make him feel homesick because of its relaxing and exciting feel it always radiates. Mossy green accessories could be hanged upon the walls, and photographs of family and important events framed with antique wood might just bring out a wow-factor.