Outdoor Shower Design Ideas

Shower design ideas are such a unique idea that can give another experience of showering in the open. By applying the outdoor shower design can simply relax you after having a long and harsh daily activity. The outdoor shower design comes in many forms, such as the solar-powered shower and waterfall-like shower.

The solar-powered shower

Since we have to be energy-efficient in all kinds of the human life elements, this goes the way in the way we bathe. Does it sound too exaggerated? Of course not, because now we can improve the existing shower design ideas by adding the energy-efficient solar-powered shower. This shower design comes in sort of a tower that’s heated by the sunlight.

You can place the tower anywhere in your home but near the plumbing system. In addition to the plumbing access, all you need to build this shower design is PVC pipe, fittings and of course the circuit. Finally, you’re ready to create this shower design ideas.

Natural shower

Bathing in the open nature is such a great experience that might also be a dream of every homeowner. You can have that kind of an experience in your own house by applying the natural shower design ideas. You can get rid of the classic shower head, and you can create a waterfall-like shower surrounding by bushes or a flower garden.

Actualizing this shower design ideas is a bit more complicated than the solar-heated shower. Because you have to build a pile of natural rocks which is higher than the average height of adults to make sure that you can be showered from above. Then you can install the pump in the back of the rocks to energize the water flow.

So, after realizing this shower design idea, what about the privacy, because it’s an outdoor shower. There are a few ways to ensure the privacy kept from the neighbors. You can integrate curtain made of natural material like bamboo. Or, you can apply bush and trees as thick as possible around the shower area.

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