Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Lighting Ideas for the outside of the house may be insignificant to many people designing their houses, but if designed artistically, just a few lights can bring a whole new life to your home.

Illuminate the cobblestone path that leads to your main door by placing small, elegant lanterns at some distance away from each other on the sides.

Watch how this arrangement adds magic to the outside of your abode at night.


If you have an outdoor pool, enhance the beauty of the area by adding floating pool lights that resemble stars to the blue water and a few similar light balls outside around the pool. It will feel like the pool is mirroring the night sky.

Hang white and black box shaped lanterns at the head of your main door and hide light balls in the trimmed bushes surrounding your house. Turn them on in the evening and witness the pleasant effect.

For the sitting area at the side of your house, hang pastel red, yellow, white, green and orange coloured lights over the chairs tied from one tree to the other.

Hang five to six such lines of lights over the area and enjoy the warm and cozy feel it provides.