Open Floor Kitchen Plan Decorating Ideas Pictures

Lately, there are many restaurants and cafes using an open floor kitchen concept. This concept seems to be able to attract more consumers. With an open kitchen concept like this, every activity in it, can be seen by customers. Starting from the material preparation activity, to the food processing or cooking. This concept also aims to demonstrate the quality of materials and the food processing.

As time goes on, in the modern life, especially in urban areas, the assumption that the kitchen should always be hidden from the guests may be no longer valid. Receiving guests directly in the kitchen is no longer a strange thing today. Therefore, the open floor kitchen concept is suitable to be applied in your home.

Open floor kitchen concept has some challenges. One of them is the home owner must keep it clean and tidy. Because, every corner of the kitchen can be clearly seen by anyone through it. The embarrassment and discomfort will certainly arise, if the kitchen looks dirty and unkempt.

Usually, this kitchen concept is placed adjacent to public spaces, such as the living room. As a bulkhead, use frosted glass. Alternatively, you can also make the concept of a bar. Definitely, by applying an open kitchen concept, every activity in the kitchen can be seen clearly.

One of the tips in creating a “safe” open kitchen concept, especially for those who are not confident to apply it, is to divide the kitchen into two areas, dry and wet kitchen. Dry kitchen tends to be less messy, because the activities that take place here, usually just about serving food. Therefore, a clean kitchen can be “displayed” as the open concept. While the wet kitchen is where all the ooking activities happen, where a lot of activities that leave droppings, can remain “hidden.”

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