Living Room

Oh, The Life Of Luxury! Living Room Edition

Living Rooms are where you host your guests and show off your luxurious life style. Check out these extravagant, impressive living room designs.


1. Luxury is in the view! (and the modern art and plush, white upholstered seats and couches, and beautiful inset fireplace…).

2. Once again, if you have got this kind of view: USE IT! It’s all about that open window letting in natural light to your living room. Stunning. The rug, big fireplace, enormous curtains, and comfortable looking couches are also a nice touch.

3. Once again, the large glass windows…Love them! Also, the beautiful open space between the two stories and the fur rug are nice touches. The parquet floors are all part of the vibe as well.

4. Look at those comfortable looking couches. Can you not just imagine coming home from a long day at the beach and sitting on these comfy couches with some freshly squeezed lemonade and a good book? And possibly watching the sunrise/sunset via those stunning windows? *Sigh*…the life of luxury.

5. That candle chandelier is a piece of work to light, but once its lit – it is incredible. The heavy leather seats and beautiful view are also things that give this room a luxurious feel. Rustic can be luxury too!

6. Check out this Rustic Living Room! High ceilings, candle chandelier, parquet floors, and leather seats….perfection.

7. This luxurious, modern room is beautiful. The textures of the cold glass, fabric couches, and plush rug against the stark white walls and the reflective wall of the fireplace are just magnificent.

8. Again – that full glass wall. STUNNING. Also, the flat screen TV, velvet upholstery, and look at that yard!

9. This apartment may be small, but the view is fantastic and the play with textures and high class furniture are divine. Also, white upholstery means a lot of cleaning, and affording professional cleaning…So it looks more luxurious (especially when it is kept clean!).


10. View. View. View. The end.

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