Oh, The Life Of Luxury! Kitchen Edition

Kitchens are a necessity and so luxurious kitchens are tough to find because more counter space or storage space are always a necessity in a kitchen! But having a beautiful kitchen is definitely a luxury not all of us can afford. Here are some stunning kitchens to look through for decor ideas.


1. This kitchen’s sheer size, the lighting, and the storage space are all impressive and luxurious.

2. We love the stunning modern design of this kitchen. It also has a lot of cooking equipment that is important in kitchens.

3. What makes this kitchen luxurious is the amount of counter AND storage space. They have TWO islands! How many people can tell you they have two islands in their kitchen?

4. Did you see the leather seats on that bar? Once again, the sheer size, the existence of an island and a bar, and the brick stove are all aspects that contribute to the luxury of this kitchen.

5. This kitchen is giant, which makes it luxurious.

6. The white leather chairs, the low hanging, decorative light fixtures, the steel appliances…this kitchen is stunning!

7. This kitchen is large, but also highly accessorized – from the wine fridge to the unrefrigerated wines to the many cabinets and drawers, this kitchen has got space for it all!

8. Steel kitchens get marked up with finger prints and dirt very easily. To own a steel kitchen and keep it looking this sparkly and clean gives the impression of luxury because these people can allow themselves time to clean, or hire a very good maid!