Oh, The Life Of Luxury! Bathroom Edition

Check out these lush and luxurious bathroom designs! You do not have to be wealthy to live a life in comfort. Here are some images for your inspiration and to further fuel your imagination!


1. This beautiful tropical bathroom has shower and jacuzzie tub and makes you feel like you are always on vacation and in an ancient temple simultaneously. It is an entire experience.

2. Who wouldn’t enjoy bathing with that view to look out upon?

3. This bathtub is so luxurious – you could swim in it!

4. We loved this luxuriously soft bath rug, the pleasant, flat line of the whole room, and the unique in depth, well-style bathtub.

5. This bathroom is straight out of a story book.

6. This bathroom has two showers in addition to that bathtub. Two can shower at the same time!

7. We loved this inset, boat shaped, central shower!

8. A bubble bath with that view? Luxury all the way.

9. This beautiful, round, contemporary, warm colored, all natural bathroom is calming and elegant.

10. The unique design, along with the high, sky-style shower head and the atmospheric lights make this bathroom unique and slightly over the top, but fun and special too.

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