New Bedroom Designs

In your classically inspired architectural elements in the room; create modern transitional effect that could create an appealing factor.

An archway entrance that doesn’t have a door and leads to a wide space which harbours a king-sized bed with toile back curtains hung on iron rods. Diagonally placed fireplace upon the stone wall is complemented by a TV screen. Chaise lounges upon a Persian rug taking refuge on bamboo flooring makes it a perfect new design for you to enjoy.

A lilac tie upon the window that has a window seat makes it a wonderful area to rest and read books. Lavender roman shade in the rest of the room reflects the serene and elegant feminine bedroom complemented by a gold accent inspired chandelier.

New bedroom designs are unique yet wonderfully contrasted together to give it an attractive touch. Floor-to-ceiling stone gray silk curtains hung above a wooden beam, a chaise lounge in the corner, a commissioned painting and a wood sculpture makes it a brilliant and new bedroom feeling.

With the increasing pace of hectic schedule within one’s life; new apartment designs incorporate work spaces with sleep units.

Industrial beams harbouring long threads of low drum shades, vinyl flooring, cutwork inspired headboard and LED lighting within floor border creates a magnificent new look for your needs.

Burnt Orange, Grey and chocolate brown color palette in this modern apartment gives a warm feeling.