Window Design

Modern Window Ideas

It pays to explore your Window options these days. The possibilities are greater than ever, and good results can be guaranteed if you give your windows careful thought.

Firstly you always need to consider the window itself as an independent structure, if it’s just a beautiful asset or if it’s something that affords a fabulous and soothing view.

At times a windows best treatment is no treatment at all, the more you add to a window the lesser the element of simplicity and elegance.

While planning and designing your windows you need to be clear on the purpose that it needs to fulfil. If privacy and energy factor takes priority first, you still can select a number of coverings that won’t detract from the windows appeal.

For easy going schemes a simple treatment is the best. A valence whipped up from stock window hardware and a three-seam fabric casing makes an easy-sew topper for lace curtains.

At times, tacked to the window molding, lacy cloth adds a touch of frill to plain panes, also a privacy giving blind hides underneath. For a simple swag, a fabric panel is angle cut and fringed and then looped over a rod, with this the addition of a tasseled rope adds a special touch.

If you’re going for the modern look while decorating your windows, then you should pay attention to the light touches.