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The house as a residence for having an important role in the daily activities for people. In addition to its main function as a residence, the house has a social function that is no less important. One of them home is as a function of self-actualization. According to the function of self-actualization, in the end, a home will reflect the homeowner’s personality. Either a luxury home or a simple house, is basically meant to be the symbol of the social existence of its homeowner. It makes the planning of the house design is a vital thing to do, whether it’s a simple home design or a luxury home.

The technical aspects of a house planning include: the aspects of home’s basic construction (foundation, walls, and roof), the building materials and the finishing touches, the natural and artificial lighting, The natural and artificial air circulation, the space circulation and the zoning space. A proper modern simple home design must accommodate these aspects.

The aesthetic aspect is no less important than the technical aspects that has been described above. This aspect which characterizes the creativity of a residential building. This aspect also has an important role as a tool for the self-actualization of the homeowner. A modern small home design is finally meant to realize the desire of the individual, emotional, and aesthetic taste of the homeowners. The role of the architect to create a modern small design that combines the technical and aesthetic aspects are very important and this is where the Architect is tested, whether he is a creative architect or nothing but just a technical architect.

The budget aspect becomes the final determinant of a home design. The thoroughness of the architect in designing the house will be actually tested by client’s budget problem. Because sometimes, the budget matter is the factor that often becomes the main problem in the house construction. The budget aspect will usually affect the selection of the materials and the finishing touches a house. The luxury end finishing touches surely will result a high budget. Besides the budget matter, the selection of the house concept also affects the construction cost. The minimalist house concept’s budget is certainly different with the classical or Gothic architecture.

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